Monday, June 18, 2012

CAKE - Chicago Alternative Comics Expo

Hidden Fortress Press, representing at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo this past weekend.

Roby and I issued each other a challenge: to create a new comic for Chicago on the Ryobi press, as part of the learning/breaking in process. I would say we had mixed success, but success none the less. Her comic, Fantasmancer #0, came out a lot cleaner than mine, and I had to supplement my pages with some help from Mickey Z's Risograph.

CAKE was a good time, with the greatest people. let's do it again next year

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seth, Jon and Mollie

more fantastic MONSTER comics!

finally, the long awaited return of Zissy and Rita, courtesy of Mr. Seth Cooper, AKA Libythth:
 check out this sweet video of Zissy and Rita rippin' some Sabbath

this comic from Jon Vermilyea is awesome and creeeeepy. and really, really beautiful...
 check out more of Jon's work at his site

and a fantastic new comic by Mollie Goldstrom!
check out more of her work at the closed caption site