Friday, March 27, 2015

RIPExpo 2015

We'll be having a book release party for BUDDIES at Ada book tonight, so come on down if you'd like to lay your hands or eyes on the book on it's birthday. Ada is at 717 Westminster St, here in Providence.

If you'd like to come visit us this weekend at the RIPExpo, here's where we'll be:

You can find BUDDIES at the Hidden Fortress table in the Ship Room, or at the PCC table down in the pit!

See you there!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIPE or RIPExpo) is just over a week away, so it's probably time to start talking about BUDDIES! Walker and I were both honored to be Special Guests of the show, and decided to show our appreciation to the RIPExpo and the Providence comics community by collaborating on an ENORMOUS anthology that would serve as a Providence "scene report" in book form. That book is called BUDDIES (or, more accurately BUDDIES 2015. we're hoping it will be a yearly census), and it contains comics from close to 50 artists living and working in Providence, RI.

Luke Boggia designed the hypnotic cover:

Featuring some beautiful new work from Heather Benjamin:

Puke Force makes an appearance, courtesy of Brian Chippendale:

The return of USA TRUCK from Mickey Zacchilli:

And some Doofus pages from Rick Altergott:

The printing and folding is (mostly) done, now we just have to put the dang things together...

Look for BUDDIES at the RIPExpo, March 28-29, right here in Providence, RI!