Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BCGF and Kevin Hooyman

we spent last weekend at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, selling comic books. it was an amazingly sweaty show, we met wonderful new friends, rediscovered some old favorites, and came home with a treasure trove of books. thanks to everyone who visited us, and to all the good folks who put on the show!

alongside our Hidden Fortress books, we had the pleasure of displaying a series of posters from the Worldword project by Peter Glantz and Becky Stark at our table. i can't even count how many times i had to tell people who the genius is that created this:

Kevin Hooyman has been making some of the most beautiful, mind-numbingly intricate comics and prints for years and years, and is one of the sweetest dudes i know. seriously, look at his website, it's full of wondrous things.

also, check out a page from the comic he did for the new Monster: