Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jordan Crane

Jordan Crane is one of the best people working in comics; he's frighteningly talented,  incredibly kind and generous. in the mid 90's, he began editing and publishing (and contributing to) NON, which set the pace for all other comics anthologies of the time, and granted exposure to a number of unknown comics creators who would go on to be big-timers. the line-up for NON #5 alone reads like a Murderers' Row of funny book badassery: Jason, Brinkman, Megan Kelso, Nick Bertozzi, Chippendale, BRalph, Rege, Paul Pope, David Choe, Steven Weissman, Kurt Wolfgang, and many many others... now that's a heavy book.

and now, with a number of books under his belt, and two regular titles (Keeping Two and Uptight), and his regular production of beautiful prints and illustrations (seriously, check out all the stuff in his store), it's kind of shocking that he had time to send us this fantastic comic for the new MONSTER:

...but i sure am grateful that he did. actually, this is the second appearance Jordan has made in the pages of MONSTER, he did a story for a long lost, finished but never printed, volume of MONSTER about 15 years ago. wait, 15 years? it can't have been that long, can it?

well, if i can ever get the covers from BRalph, i'll be finally putting that lost MONSTER together and made available in the Hidden Fortress shop. i'll let you know how that goes.

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