Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thirteen Sided Die #2

The Hidden Fortress is packed up and ready to embark on a journey to LineworkNW in Portland, OR this weekend. In addition to the regular staples of our catalog, I just finished printing the latest installment of my sketchbook series Thirteen Sided Die.

I'm still pretty new to this offset printing process, and Thirteen Sided Die is where I try to work the bugs out. The first issue was literally the first thing I attempted printing on the Hidden Fortress Press, and it was a mess; as should be expected, I had no idea what I was doing. This second issue is my attempt at printing four color CMYK color separations on the press, with mixed success:

If you want this book but can't make it out to Portland for the show, I'll be adding it to the Hidden Fortress webstore when I return from the west coast. 

Thanks to Walker for helping me Riso those covers in a pinch! He and the Providence Comics Consortium will be joining me at the Hidden Fortress table at LineworkNW, and I think he's going to be on a panel too. Come say hi to us if you're there!

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