Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SCREWJOB debuts at CAKE!

This past weekend the Hidden Fortress relocated to Chicago for CAKE, and debuted the new issue of SCREWJOB to the unsuspecting masses there. If you missed the show, that's ok, SCREWJOB #2 is now available in the Hidden Fortress store!

CAKE was a great success, and I was psyched to meet a lot of other folks making wrestling comics! Check out Hiromi Ueyoshi's WWWF book for some amazing panther vs gator wrestling action

Matt Reints made some dreamy mini-comics about the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, Aaron Poliwoda gave me some of his intense Ultimate Warrior and Chris Benoit comics, and JB Roe's Suplex Superstars Volume 1 is a thing of beauty!

Tom Toye was also at CAKE with a prototype of the Illogical Comics/Hidden Fortress Press collaboration, Entering a Room Full of People, which he's been working on for the past year, and it's mind-numbingly beautiful!! I'm psyched to get started printing this book, it's incredible!

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